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Tucked away in a 1950s shopping plaza, Dellview Music Center was founded in 1960 by Spud Goodall, a renowned local guitarist. Spud, a constant gigging musician, played with a wide range of jazz and country artists including Jim Cullum Sr., Willie Nelson, Bill Boyd, and many others. Before starting Dellview Music, Spud worked and taught at Caldwell Music, where he befriended local pedal steel player, Don Pack. It wasn't long before Spud convinced Don to leave Caldwell and take up teaching at Dellview Music. Spud would go on to sell the the business to Don in 1964, transition official into "Don Pack's Dellview Music".

 Don Pack gained prominence in San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country in the early 50's as the pedal steel player with The Circle C Band, and band leader of the Western Downbeats. One of his early claims to fame was the Western Downbeats Band's performance at the celebration of John Wayne's "The Alamo" movie release in 1960.  By 1964 Don was a pillar of the San Antonio music community as a gifted pedal steel player, and well loved music instructor. He played with Willie Nelson, Hank Thompson, Tony Booth, "Slim" Roberts and and many more.

Don was a well respected musician who always emphasized the importance of being able to read music. He and his wife Gayle managed and taught at the store for 54 years—Don was the primary string instructor and Gayle managed operations until his passing in January of 2018. Don Pack created a long lasting culture of guitar instruction and music education that lives on today. Throughout its history, Dellview Music has cultivated the musical talents of San Antonio’s local and national music community by providing personalized, private instruction and quality instrument retail.


The store changed hands in the spring 2018 when Gayle Pack was introduced to Nick Visser and Andrew Walker

As the new owners, Nick and Andrew have preserved Don and Gayle’s legacy by continuing to offer affordable, private lessons to the Dellview community and surrounding area. They are avid local musicians and have been playing music together for over ten years. The store has received a well deserved fresh look and continues to provide lessons in a wide range of instruments. The store also offers a variety of used and new instruments for sale, as well as other music boutique retail.

Andrew and Nick are invested in the Dellview community and value the families they serve. They strive to carry the Packs' legacy and the history and nostalgia of Dellview Music Center into the store's future. ​Evidence of Dellview Music's long history still adorns the walls of the shop, and Don's image and band history can be found all around our living time capsule. We are proud to call many of the store's alumni close friends, including Mark Waldrop, Thurman Love, John Whipple and so many others. ​

We always welcome new stories about Don Pack & Dellview Music.  Please stop by or send us a message, and look forward to meeting you and sharing our shop with a new generation.

For a great in depth interview with guitarist Spud Goodall, click here.




The long history of Dellview Music includes a list of

all-star teachers from San Antonio's music scene. 

Don Pack (1964-2018)

Harry Pack

Denny Mathis

Melody Ackerman

Galen Niles

Mark Maniscalco

Chris Stanush

David Underwood

Terry Muska

Hank Harrison

Bob Schulman

Lang Scruggs

Rusty Miller (1984-85)

John Grell

Steve Mullins

Bobby Flores

Jeff McCarley

Steve Sanchez

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